Xerox® ConnectKey® technology enabled smart Workplace Assistant
- Up to 47 ppm
- Unparalleled productivity with incredible print quality 
- Designed small to perform big at the heart of your practice
- Best for work teams of 3 to 15 users, 5K prints per month
- Black-and-white MFP with support for Letter/Legal
- Copy, print, scan, fax, email, and cloud 
So how do you get started and where do you get the right Xerox Healthcare MFP for your practice?
What if you can have an easy on-ramp for patient health records in your EHR system. Better for both staff and patients.
Would you like to Enable HIPAA Compliance?

Do without your traditional Fax?

Have you investigated more advanced ways of managing patient health records?   
You Know That Health Institutions All Over The Country Are Able To Stay On Top Of HIPAA Compliance And Protect Patient Data, Giving Them More Time To Focus On What’s Most Important, The Patient
So… Why don’t you?
Until now you couldn’t do anything about it.

In the next couple of minutes, I’m going to show you how you can integrate the Healthcare MFP with your existing EHR to stay on top of all your compliance, patient data and much more…
The Xerox® Healthcare MFP solves some of the biggest challenges facing Healthcare
It Helps By,
  Healthcare MFP with Kno2 software
  EHR Connectivity (identify and Store to EHR)
  Fax for Healthcare (Kno2 Supported)
  Unlimited Kno2 licenses 
  No Annual Kno2 subscriptions
  Business Associate Agreement
  Full Audit Reporting
  Includes delivery and installation
  On Boarding includes analyst support and training
  Color Option available
  Optional accessories available
Xerox Healthcare MFP 2.0
Is The Simple Solution
Our full line of MFPs can accommodate any size office from the desktop to high end production. From Black and White to full color. We meet all your medical practice needs…
Being Able to Keep Protected Healthcare Information (PHI) Safe and Being HIPAA 

Using the Xerox Healthcare MFP V2 Has Made Hundreds Of Hospitals, Practices, Better Run, More Efficient And Has Given Them Peace Of Mind.
Our Xerox Healthcare MFP 2.0 can help with…

Your Healthcare MFP connects with your EHR system to allow you to securely share and store patient information.
Electronically share any information critical to a care plan, whether it’s a referral or an entire transition of care, to improve care coordination.

Quickly and easily identify patients using your EHR system to ensure accurate sending and storage of information.

Eliminate the need for fax machines, fax servers and logins to third-party patient portals with this single, centralized solution.

Security assurance measures, encryption and full auditing come standard. Direct addresses are Level of Assurance 3 (LOA3) identity verified.

For added convenience, the MFP app offers single sign-on functionality when using a supported authentication solution*, helping you to save even more time and reduce frustration.
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Effortlessly Share And Store Patient Information In A Secure And Interoperable Manner. 
Discover the New Workflow…
Sending Health Records
Before: 4 - 5 steps.
After: Seemlessly shared with direct exchange securly and compliantly in only 3 steps.
Receiving Health Records
Before: 5 - 6 steps.
After: Retrieved online and attached to patient in only 2 steps.
It’s a Knockout!!!
"I love the product."
Leslie Henry Wilson
Owner, Personal Touch Health Care Services
100% Money Back Guarantee
If after you complete the entire course and attend the weekly trainings you have not at least made your money back we will issue a full refund no questions asked!
So how do you get started and where do you get the right Xerox Healthcare MFP for your practice?
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